Hello World

This may be old school, but I’ve long felt this was the most appropriate way to begin a new online interaction. I’ve attempted blogging and writing in the past for various reasons and I’ve always wanted to start with a greeting before getting going. So … Hello!

About this blog

I’m pretty well making this up as I go along. The idea about being a resource people can turn to is certainly appealing and I’ve long been a fan of the knowledge share helping each other grow and learn. Ultimately, I feel this is the best and easiest thing that I can do with this site. In addition, I want to use this as an outlet for other seemingly random musings that I tend to think about on a regular basis.

I don’t pretend to be an expert in anything - far from it. But I do know some things and I typically know what I don’t know. Maybe through this knowledge share, we can all learn something together. Or I’ll just be typing into the void. In either case, let’s go on this adventure together. Or not. ;)